What is a Pre-Approved Emergency Wallet?

  • VumaMoola, in conjunction with you and your employer, pre-approves a small emergency payday loan amount for your convenience in time of need.

Will it cost me money to belong to VumaMoola, even if I don’t make a loan?

  • No, it is totally free to register with VumaMoola. Costs are only incurred when a loan is paid out.

When can I request a loan?

  • VumaMoola is avaiable 24/7

How and when will I get my money?

  • Depending on your preference, the money will either be a) paid into your nominated bank account or b) available to draw at a Standard Bank ATM via SMS pin to your linked cell number. The funds should be available within an hour of approval.

What size loan can I get?

  • Based on your individual circumstances, you may be granted an emergency wallet ranging in value from R1 000 to R1500

What if I am currently indebted?

  • At VumaMoola we take loan affordability very seriously. Our pre-approval system ensures that the employee is not overburdened by debt. The small loan amount also assists in this regard.  If you’re experiencing issues meeting existing financial commitments, please consider getting debt counselling instead.  Our loan will only add to your commitments. For a list of all registered debt counsellors go to the National Credit Regulator  or you can call 0860 627 627 for information on how to find one in your area.

How do I repay the loan?

  • Your loan will automatically be deducted from your next salary as per the agreement.

Will my loan repayments be affected by interest rate fluctuations?

  • The interest rate and administration fees you agree to, remains unchanged throughout a loan cycle.

Do you credit score me and impact my credit record?

  • Under no circumstances will using VumaMoola’s emergency pre-approved wallet impact your credit record.


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